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ZetaPush : What Is It ?

ZetaPush is a realtime platform providing out of the box Cloud Services such as User Management, Data Management, … . These Cloud Services reduce the cost to create Web or Mobile applications and optimize DevOps thanks to our all in one platform.
ZetaPush is extensible in JavaScript or TypeScript, the langages of the Web. Do not worry about recruiting rare and expensive expert profiles. JavaScript or TypeScript developers can be autonomous to create applications on ZetaPush

realtime platform

Realtime Platform

secured & GDPR compliant

Secured & GDPR compliant

User friendly

Developer friendly

hosting & autoscaling

Hosting & Autoscaling

We’ve Got You Covered

All you need already packaged !

Users Management

Easily Manage User Rights & Authentications in your app : choose your parameters, design it and we do the rest !
You can also add inscription, invitation or enrollment forms and handle users’ rights & permissions. The code is already done !

Text/Video/Audio Chat

Add a Chat Text/Audio/Video to your app !
We provide all solutions to link users in realtime, one-to-one with basic conversational system, or one-to-many with our WebRTC mediation gateway.


Search Engine

Documents, people, folders, conversations… Let users find what they want and build a powerful & customizable search engine for your Web or Mobile app !

Customer Enrollment

Your visitors or clients need more and more proximity and reactivity. We provide multiple services to digitalize your customer relation, such as conversational or AI bot, queue management and chatbox.

Work Context

Personalize and adapt your app to your Work Context. Initialize a workflow to sort your data and customers folders, manage your contacts and add any options you need to improve your organization !

Collaborative Tools

Make your app collaborative with many useful tools : Whiteboard, Photo Notes, Shared Text Documents, Files Sharing, Survey, Photo Mobile inLive (Snapchat like)…
Improve the connections and the communication between anyone !


Employees can change their disponibilities easily, manage a shared or personalized calendar and implement a booking tool directly with Zetapush’s platform. Productivity and collaboration are our keywords.

& Many More !

ZetaPush Cloud Services allow to include payment (Stripe), geolocation and any existing web service, any existing Information System or IoT objects as well. Your app stay connected to any ecosystem, do what you want faster and cheaper !

How It Works

Step 1 : Create your ZetaPush App : through our Web console (comming soon) or the CLI, choose your way…

Step 2 : Add any Cloud Services you need, customize them, add your own functions… It’s up to you!

Step 3 : Make your Front : think UX & UI, stay focused on your business

Step 4 : Deploy your app and your front, it’s done. We’ve got your back !

They Trust Us

They (Truly) Help Us

Let’s Build Your Apps Together!

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